Call for submission: Central European Graduation Projects Review 2012–2013


18 October – 30 November

Almost since its very inception 2+3D has organized an overview of the year’s finest graduation projects. The first eight such reviews covered the whole of Poland, the next three were organized along with the Czech Republic’s TYPO, Hungary’s Plusminus Visual Intelligence, and Slovakia’s 1977, thus encompassing the nations of the Visegrad Group – the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary (the last of which joined in 2011). Over the course of eleven years, 282 works and 284 graduates (two selected projects were the product of teamwork) have been singled out. Women held the majority of submissions (151 to 133), and in the last three reviews more MA’s appeared than BA’s (79 to 37).

Preparing for every new edition begins with a long discussion on what changes might be introduced. We had some heated conversations and consultations with our partners, and we are most certainly opening ourselves up for criticism when we reveal that this year we have not changed a thing in our regulations.

Though we spent a long time pondering whether to turn the review into a competition, we nonetheless decided that the jury’s verdict, once again, will not be a competitive sort of classification.

As every year, those who are selected will, however, be able to count on seeing their projects published with a critical commentary in the pages of 2+3D, and in the English-language digital overseas publication. In addition, the works will be published on the web sites of our partners and on the Graduation Projects site. The works will also be presented at the exhibition at the Cieszyn Castle and, pending funds, in a catalogue and at an exhibit at a leading design festival abroad.

Projects can be submitted until 30 November.

Eligible submissions include graduation projects (Master’s and Bachelor’s) defended between 1 December 2012 and 30 November 2013 – a time period that thus extends well into this fall.

The international jury’s decisions will be announced on 7 January 2014 on the review web site, and in the first issue of 2+3D of the new year.


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