§ 1
This is a Central European review of graduation projects (Master’s and Bachelor’s) in graphics design (2D) and industrial design (3D) in their broadest definitions – including web pages, APS, screen applications and functional interactive design, fabric, clothing, glass, and ceramics, excluding one-of-a-kind works – organized in the framework of the “G4” European Design Review.

§ 2
The review is not a competition, it is a selection by the editors of 2+3D (PL) and Typo (CZ) magazines, in cooperation with the Cieszyn Castle, Articsók Stúdió (HU), and the 1977 Organization (SK), subsequently referred to as “the organizers.”

§ 3
Graduation projects (Master’s and Bachelor’s) defended between 1 December 2015 and 31 October 2016 qualify for the review.

§ 4
Only those graduation projects defended in schools of the Visegrad Group countries or by citizens of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary studying abroad may be submitted to the review.

§ 5
Projects are submitted to the review by the designers, or, in the case of group projects, the design teams.

§ 6
Designs should be submitted by 31 October 2016.

§ 7
The basis for submitting a work to the review is filling in the form available at, including a maximum of 10 illustrations in jpg files, saved in display resolution (not more than 1600 × 1200 pixels [h/w] in RGB colors) and a description of the work (max. 2000 symbols). The description can include links to films or web pages presenting the designs.

§ 8
The designers give their consent to the unpaid publication of the submitted materials and their presentation at exhibitions, and the processing and use of their personal data for the publication, promotion, and execution of the exhibition.

§ 9
The review’s qualifying commission will consist of representatives of all the organizers.

§ 10
The selected works will be presented in 2+3D and Typo magazines, and on the review’s web page ( If the organizers receive additional financial support, exhibitions will be organized at the Cieszyn Castle and in Berlin, and a catalogue will be printed.

§ 11
The number of works marked for publication and for exhibition will be set by the qualifying commission. The final decision on the number and selection of works to be presented in the magazines will be made by the various editors.

§ 12
The organizers will inform participants of the commission’s verdict by e-mail and on the web page of the review, no later than 9 January 2017.

§ 13
The organizers will arrange the deadlines and manner of preparing the selected works for publication and possible exhibition with the designers via e-mail or telephone.

§ 14
For all matters not covered by the regulations, the review organizers’ voice is conclusive.

§ 15
For all matters associated with the review, contact should be made via e-mail, in Polish or in English, with the review commissioner, Wojciech Kubiena: