International Design Review

Projects / 2017

Krisztina Szucs (HU)
Nyugat – Touch Screen Application
M.A. project
Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest
Béla Hegyi, consultant: Zsófia Ruttkay
The visualization of new media data and experience is increasingly significant in the field of education. Krisztina Szűcs’ graduation project – a touch screen app for the Nyugat literary journal – was made in collaboration with the Sándor Petőfi Museum of Literature. Nyugat [West] enjoyed a prominence in the first half of the 20th century that has never diminished. The journal has brought together numerous generations of the finest Hungarian writers. In many cases, however, much remains unknown about the contributors’ private and social lives, their exchange of information, and places of meeting and residence. The designer has focused on visualizing the available data on the famous people and places – for instance, she joins the cafes where they met with their names. The result is a colorful network of possible ties and contacts that could serve researchers, and, at a glance, demonstrates the wealth of literary contacts available during the period.