International Design Review

Projects / 2017

Emilia Pyza (PL)
The promotion of a regional wine brand
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Prof. Lech Majewski
This project sparked a lively discussion among the jury on the subject of convention in wine label design. The votes to break with tradition, exemplified by the South American wine market, for example, were in the majority. The point of departure in the design of the labels and posters promoting a Polish brand of wine from the Kazimierz Dolny region was the stylistic inspiration of folk kilims and wicker products. The visually attractive motifs that resulted are built from both abstract and figurative elements. The whole piece is silk‑screened with gold paint.
This departure from the standard – photographic or graphic – realistic image of bottles and glasses on the advertising posters was a fine decision under the circumstances. The designer stresses, “To discover the assets of this remarkable drink, a photographic reproduction or fleeting contact with a poster are not enough. With wine, you have to sit down, think a bit, come closer, and taste.”