Two Cookbooks


Sabina Dudziak (PL)


B.A. project


Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

Design Department


Doktor Ewa Satalecka

Sabina Dudziak has chosen to create two illustrated cookbooks, representing alternate attitudes toward life. The first, Organic Fanatic, contains ecological recipes with natural ingredients, while the second – Plastic Fantastic – a popular, none-too-healthy menu. The author places no value judgements. As she herself writes, the protagonist she has created – the deer that appears in both cookbooks – “is, in Plastic Fantastic, a plastic icon of pop-culture, he looks like a mass-market toy, fresh out of a huge factory. Just like the popular products he eats. He is also an electronic species of deer (as rendered through the abbreviated texts with no diacritics, which reign in the electronic world). In Organic Fanatic he becomes a symbol of ecology, nature, the forest, and he is organic in nature. An eco-friendly species.”

The drawing style, editing of texts, and above all, the idea itself, testify to the designer’s splendid sense of humor, an essential attribute for a successful designer.