Design for Selling Designs


Michaela Chmelí­čková (SK)


M.A. project


Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava

Visual Communications Studio


Mgr. art. Palo Bálik

The object of this work is to establish principles for a design store. The store is called 220, has no set location, and can appear literally anywhere (pop-up-shop). This flexible, ephemeral concept has practical applications, such as selling products at a festival, an exhibition opening, a con- ference etc. The store’s I.D. is made of temporary line drawings that create, as the designer puts it, the “illusion of space.” In her description, Chmelíčková suggests they be made with tape, chalk, marker, or digital technologies (a plotter). As the designer notes, the use of tape would allow for the swift disassembly of the store’s “interiors” without any larger traces left behind. The visual I.D. is accompanied by small prints and gadgets (business cards, T-shirts, a porter etc.).

To find out more about this project visit the www.220.sk webpage.