Set of Glass Lamps for a Home Interior


Irmina Helak (PL)


M.A. project


Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław

Ceramics and Glass Departmen


Prof. zw. Jerzy Chodurski

Three Bulb lamps similar in shape, which, according to the designer, draw from the shape of a decorative pumpkin, though they more resemble a gourd. They are made of three-layered sodium glass, with hand-made technology. The designer has intended for them to be treated as independent objects, as table lamps or night lights, but they can also easily change into various lighting compositions. This is aided by their integrated construction, composed of a handle and the parts with the light-bulb holder. These allow the lamps to be easily carried or put to one side. The three-layered glass lets the user change the color of the light. The logo, packaging, stickers, and packing paper are integral parts of the design.